Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013 - Beauty Steals - Mascara

you should know that any mascara i love is going to be volumizing. until my early 20's, i was never really happy with any mascara i purchased (except maybe the old-school version of Maybelline Illegal Lengths in the 90's). i eventually figured out that this was because i had been buying lengthening formulas when the look i was going for was fuller, thicker lashes.
Prestige My Waterproof Lashes 
Defining Mascara
between summer weather & my obsession with YouTube beauty videos, finding a great waterproof mascara was an emergency. unfortunately, reviews of inexpensive waterproof mascaras are generally mediocre. i stumbled upon a blog entry for Prestige's, and was satisfied enough with that & the two reviews on Ulta's website to give it a whirl. So glad I did!! VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME. it's a bitch to take off, even with my HG Lumene Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. in fact, i have zero confidence that i've ever gotten all of it off. which in my mind means that it does its job.

Jordana Best Lash

Extreme Volumizing Mascara

i was perfectly happy with Cover Girl Super Thick Lash, $4.24 at Walmart. but i'm sure you can understand the insane habit of continuing to look for the next best thing anyway. this Jordana mascara is dirt cheap and has relatively good reviews. i have only worn it under the Prestige waterproof so far, so i haven't discovered whether it flakes & smudges when used alone. it does produce massive lashes though!!

Milani Runway Lashes
Instant Volume Mascara
$5.79 at CVS
while we're at it, why cheat on your HG non-waterproof mascara with one product when you can go all-out and juggle two on the side?? apparently Milani is made by the same folks as Jordana & this formula has even better online reviews. i've also only worn Runway Lashes under the Prestige waterproof, but my guess is that it's more smudge- and flake-resistant that the cheaper one??

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