Saturday, July 27, 2013

Curl CPR: My Story

i was in a hair rut. my fine, wavy/curly hair was soooo dry & the ends were fried from coloring and heat styling. seriously, my ends looked like dead christmas trees!! 

i was in a destructive pattern of overconditioning to soften, drowning and flattening my curls in the process -- i'm talking to you, L'Oreal EverCreme Deep Nourishing Masque. 

the option to wear my hair curly had pretty much been taken away from me and i was pissed!! for years, i'd been trying to limit the sulfates & silicones in my hair products, but after poking around (in desperation), i was serious about kissing them goodbye for good this time*.

i do a TON of research -- heavily influenced by consumer reviews -- before i buy things. in this journey, there have been some misses. however, this blog entry is about successes.

Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo
$18.50 AT CurlMart

i only shampoo once or twice a week -- when my roots feel gross or there's that product buildup feel going on. i was in love with this shampoo the very first time i used it. it really cleans hair (even the length!) without leaving it dry or tangled (tangling has been a HUGE recurring issue for me with shampoos). my waves/curls feel soft but not weighed down. it's sulfate & silicone free, so no stripping or buildup worries. yes, it's a pricey & i can only get it online, but i really don't want to wash my hair with anything else!
EDEN Peppermint Tea Tree Conditioner
$8.49 at Sally Beauty Supply
moisturizes & detangles without making my hair flat and limp. plus the peppermint/tea tree-ness of it all feels AMAZING on my scalp, which tends to get itchy (not shocking 'cuz my skin & hair have always been dry).
Nutress Protein Pack Conditioner 
$1.99 to $10.99
figured out quickly that my hair LOVES protein! about twice a week, i comb this treatment through wet hair and leave it on overnight or all day on a day off. when i rinse, bouncy hair with smooth ends. i prefer this product to Giovanni Nutrafix because i don't have to mix or follow it with conditioner. i've recently gotten creative and added in coconut & rosemary essential oils to create a "maskier" experience, which seems to assist with shedding, but i haven't done it for long enough to report on whether those additives will help me grow my hair super-long.

Nutress Stop Break Leave-In Enhancer

light moisture & protein in an easy, spray on format. stuff hair always needs, but not too much of it, and a short & sweet ingredient list. 

As I Am Curling Jelly

grabbed this at Sally's one day when i was having a hard time finding Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly in-stock online. wow, am i glad!! this gives me the best curl formation of any product out there, hands down!! rake it through soaking wet hair. 

the drawback was that it takes FOR-EV-ER to dry, like hours, even with a little help from the hairdryer. i've started using less of it, shortening dry time, but then the hold isn't as good. so i add a little gel, like Giovanni Magnetic Styling Gel

despite plopping with a Turbie Twist for awhile immediately following a shower, then clipping up sections in butterfly clips during additional drying/putting my face on time, i really get the absolute best, all-day volume and hold results when i diffuse. especially since who *really* has the time to let their hair air dry completely before they have to rush out the door to wherever??

also, you're supposed to let hair dry COMPLETELY (which again, takes a million years) before you touch it. i've found that "scrunching out the crunch" too soon definitely deflates my curls. sad face.

Fairy Tales Coco Cabana Sun Spray
$10.95 at Ulta 
not an everyday product for me, but i do like it a lot. i use it when i'm headed to the beach or know i'll be outside all day in the summer. if i've heat styled, hairsprayed, and feel like my hair looks dull, i add this over top for shine. the coconut fragrance gives it a very beachy feel! =) 

Curly (and Healthy!):

* silicone & sulfate free as far as my basic cleanse/condition/treatment routine goes. i use styling products that may or may not be "curly girl"including styling gels, Redken Spray Starch, Garnier Volume Extend Dry Shampoo, and Beyond the Zone Smooth Criminal Humidity Blocking Hairspray.

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