Monday, February 27, 2012

Reef Flip Flops: 'Miss J-Bay' and 'Beach Haze'

YEARS ago, i bought a pair of black, leather, men's size small (i wear around a 9 in ladies) flip flops by Rainbow after hearing how they mold to your foot and feel wonderful, plus i wanted a basic pair that was comfortable, didn't look cheap, and/or wasn't made of rubber.

i recall being slightly traumatized about parting with the 50 bucks (for flip flops!), and also that the first few days of wearing them, they were definitely uncomfortable. but i fell madly, deeply, passionately in love with wearing them once i broke them in because slipping them on was heaven, especially after a long day in heels.

what i didn't like was how butch they looked. especially considering that my everyday style involves big hair, dresses, and a full face of makeup. so when my Rainbows had lived their life & needed replacing, i was looking for something just as comfortable and just as versatile/basic, but something much more feminine. i ended up with two pairs of flip flops by Reef:

Miss J-Bay
Miss J-Bay wasn't available in black, but i do enjoy wearing white, which also happens to be nice and neutral. i'm hoping that this pair manages to avoid getting that gross, permanently dirty look that i've experienced with cheaper white flip flops in the past, since the sole on these isn't white, and they're made of nice leather rather than rubber/foam and nylon.

got them in a 9 and they're a little long in the back, but i'm pretty sure that going down to an 8 would result in my long toes hanging over the front edge, which isn't cute (but IS an issue i experience with open toe heels regularly). i almost cried forking over $66 for these, but they look good, feel like the footbed padding will be like walking on a cloud, and i plan to love wearing them this summer.

Beach Haze
i'm a sucker for gold sandals! the past 2 summers, I've purchased Born Merlot in gold to wear to work.
sadly, both pairs detached on the same side on the same foot. but i digress...

obviously Beach Haze is not an appropriate pair of work shoes. but they have the same vibe as my Borns, for casual wear. the price point was a much friendlier $26, and they fit perfectly.

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